Yarn Care

All yarn and fibre is hand dyed by me in a feline friendly environment, however our animals do not come in to direct contact with our products. 

We use professional acid dyes, or fibre reactive dyes, depending on the fibre content being dyed. We do not use any scented products or wool wash during the rinsing process, at the very most a drop of dish soap may be added to the rinse water. We take utmost care to ensure that customers with allergies or chemical sensitivities are not affected by our products. 

When washing your yarn, please hand wash in room temperature water with a tiny amount of wool appropriate soap. Please do not be tempted to wash using hot water, you will loosen the chemical bonds that keep the colour safely attached to the yarn, possibly leading to colour bleed. 

Do not soak or wring items, and dry flat to ensure your finished item does not lose its shape. Many of our yarns are superwash, and with that in mind should stand up to a gentle machine wash. However, to preserve the colour and longevity of the yarn, hand washing is recommended. Fabric softener is not recommended. 

While every effort has been made to ensure that colours are properly set during the dyeing process, you may experience a small amount of colour bleed during the first couple of washes. This is perfectly normal and can be caused by the hardness or softness of the water in your area. Please bear this in mind when knitting colours with a strong contrast, such as a bright pink against a paler colour. It’s worth giving the yarns a gentle hand wash before knitting with them to avoid any colour run contaminating your work once your project is complete. 

In the unlikely event that you experience a problem witih one of our yarns, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we will always do our best to address any concerns.